Washington Electric Vehicle Advocacy PAC

How to contribute to WEVA PAC

The easiest way to contribute to the WEVA PAC is to send a check, made payable to the Washington Electric Vehicle Advocacy PAC  to:


10010 216th Ave NE

Redmond WA 98053

Please include: Your Legal Name, Address, and if you are a registered voter in the state of Washington. For donations of more then $100 WA also requires: the contributor’s occupation and employer’s name, city and state

And please note, the PAC is completely transparent in all of its donations and contributions to candidates. This information will be filed with the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission.

On-line Donations (Credit Card and Paypal)

For larger contributions (more then $100) we would prefer you to send a check.

IMPORTANT: When donating please provide your legal name and address and if you are a registered voter in Washington. (This requires you to expand the comment field on the donation page by hitting the + sign)

Founding Members

The WEVA PAC is looking to jump start its operations by establishing a select group of founding members. We are looking for founders to donate $1000.

This is certainly a significant ask. But when you consider the impact of EVs and sustainable transport on society it will be money well invested. And recall that in Washington the EV you may have purchased (or are looking to purchase) came with no sales tax (an almost 10% savings) and a $7500 federal tax credit. The WEVA PAC can be an excellent place to "pay forward" with some of those funds.

As a very small thank you we will be providing founding members with:

- WEVA PAC business cards noting they are a founding member

-WEVA PAC founding member name tag

With the hope these will be put to good use while lobbying in Olympia. Or spreading the EV message across the state.